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2. C. This statement is a possible true or false because you can’t guarantee that the rainfall will be the same the following year. 3. C. This statement is an opinion unless the person talking is an expert they can say whether or not the car can get 40 miles to the gallon. 4. B. This is probably true because of previous outcomes. 6. A. This statement can be proven by cell phone sales and records. 7. C. This could be fact or false, just because of exam scores does not mean that they get a better
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Unformatted text preview: education. 8. C. This is an opinion and based on the claims is possibly true but more so towards the false basis. 10. A. This is absolutely fact because of the past it has been proven. Although people already use a tremendous amount of illegal drugs if legalized the hospitalization for overdose and other effects would only get higher. 11. B. This is possibly true because although the girl has never missed their house it does not mean she won’t she may have found a new job....
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