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The claims being made are that 20 year old Richard Samuel McCroskey III (an underground “Horror core” rapper) slaughtered a family in Virginia. The claims in this report do not conflict my observations because all the evidence points to him. Although he has no criminal record he has very graphic lyrics about killing people. I actually looked at his video on YouTube and the video creeped me out. He raps about dismembering bodies and then a family is dead. There were no details of how the family was killed because it was so grotesque. There was not much background to find on the
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Unformatted text preview: claims being made because this is still a developing story. The author of this report has no expertise other reporting, he is not a psychiatrist of any sort or detective. In my honest opinion the author is unbiased and trustworthy because his report of the claims reflects the news coverage. He reported all the facts with the information that has been released. I found my story at Title of article Horror core singer suspected in Virginia killings...
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