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CRT 205 checkpoint wk5 - 6 AD Hominem The author states...

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2. Begging the question- the writer is asking the audience to accept that abortion is just as controversial as fertility drugs, as a result the argument just repeats itself and is going in circles. 3. Straw man- The letter writer exaggerates a lot, her claims are false in describing divorced people. The letter writer is not taking a factual position. She tries to substantiate her claims of being a widow is far better than being a divorcee. 5. Straw man- The writer blames the closing of the park on the bicyclist and the joggers instead of using factual evidence and holding the park commission responsible.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. AD Hominem- The author states that the Christians oppose the Jewish figurines on the lawn, because of their anti-Semitic views but would endorse any gentile related figurine due their own personal beliefs. There is no credible evidence to support this statement. 8. Begging the question- The writer claims the issues with Michigan revenue resources to be true, but can not provide credible facts to make a substantial argument. 9. Poisoning the well- The representative is trying to make people believe that there is no real dependability with condoms and preventing the spread of AIDS....
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