ETH 125 Capstone Checkpoint

ETH 125 Capstone Checkpoint - much more that is underneath...

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Capstone Checkpoint Jontovia Watson ETH 125 Stephanie Salazar July 22, 2010 Minority groups as a whole go through and have been through a lot in their transition to become United States citizens; all the information about race and ethnicity that I have consumed has given me a larger understanding and small look into what different groups through to be accepted. No one ethnic group is better than the other but in the United States it seems like the government upholds the groups they feel will benefit them the most and put the rest on a back burner to society. During this course I took the initiative to look into my own cultural background and from reading and researching my culture has been through a lot in the long transition to be treated equally. There is so
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Unformatted text preview: much more that is underneath what is taught in schools these days and some things are left out completely, with that has happened and will happen the trends in immigration will continue to rise and there will more mixed race children in the next generation and by the year 2050 the United States will have a mixture of every race and there will no longer be minority groups based such as African American and Mexican American. In these changing times the best thing for the country to do is accept the change and flow of things because in the end it will make the country stronger as a whole....
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ETH 125 Capstone Checkpoint - much more that is underneath...

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