ETH 125 Checkpoint IAT week 2

ETH 125 Checkpoint IAT week 2 - the best results. The IAT...

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The results of my IAT were moderate automatic preference to African American compared to European American. I don’t think the test produced valid results in my case because of the simple fact that I don’t like any race more than the other nor do I prefer another race over another. In my opinion it is not difficult to accurately measure prejudice, because most prejudice people don’t hide the fact that they are prejudice. I don’t think that any test can measure what a person really feels, researchers can use all kinds of test to determine if someone is prejudice and that person can very well tell them what they want to hear. To put a person out in society and watch how they interact with other groups of people will give you
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Unformatted text preview: the best results. The IAT test is not accurate but it uses more so a hand and eye coordination to determine whether or not a person is prejudice. Sociologist also use the Bogardus social distance scale to determine prejudice as well as the Likert scale and the Guttman scale. All these scales are used to rate a person as being prejudice or not. They all use a similar format of questions with a set up of strongly disagree to strongly agree. Although these tests are good to an extent they can never truly give an accurate account on someone’s preferences....
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