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The difference between Muslims and Arabs is that Arabs are from Arabia and Muslim is a religion. One of the policy changes that have occurred is the Justice Department policy change that would allow the FBI to investigate Americans without evidence of wrongdoing, relying instead on a terrorist profile that could single out Muslims and Arabs. Under this new guideline the FBI would be permitted to consider race and ethnicity when opening an investigation. Agents would also be allowed to ask open-ended questions about the activities of American Muslims and Arab-Americans, and could initiate an investigation if a person's employment or background is labeled as "suspect" by government analysts looking at public records and other information. Two characteristics of Orientalism are Spirituality and its diversity in terms of people. These things create stereotypes amongst different people. Hate crimes stem from
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Unformatted text preview: ignorance about a different culture or race. Orientalism creates that stereotypical figure that someone may think normal for all people of that background. This is not the case; A great example of this will always be the 9/11 events. Because of those events, Arabs or anyone who looks like them may be targeted because of ignorance. People dont look at the fact that not everyone in a race is the and that the short comings of some are the same result for all. The best way to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice is to create awareness and educate. If there was more information on cultures and races; then people would be more informed. This may start in schools and/or communities. Also social events to create and understanding, and again, educate....
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