ETH 125 Checkpoint race and ethnicity

ETH 125 Checkpoint race and ethnicity - These concepts are...

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The definition of race is a group of people that are different yet connected to each other by some sort of physical appearance such as: skin color, hair textures and language. For example, you see two Asian women walking through the mall; you will know their race from their physical appearance such as the slanted eyes and the bone straight hair that looks like silk. The definition of ethnicity is ones background such as: religion, traditions. For example an African American man can be Muslim, Baptist, Christian, or even Buddhist. Although many assume an African American person is Baptist or Christian they actually are all types of religious backgrounds.
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Unformatted text preview: These concepts are important to the United States society because they bring in diversity. The United States is solely built on minorities; by these different groups of people living amongst us we can learn about the culture without having to travel. The two terms encourage diversity and because of that when applying for a job or assistance you can’t be turned down because of race or ethnicity. The U.S. society is not just built up of one race or ethnicity but of many; which brings all kinds of different programs and experiences as far as teaching and learning. Race and Ethnicity keep things interesting ....
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