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I would want to immigrate to the United States because there is so much opportunity to advance and live better. In my opinion the United States government policy should not favor certain kinds of immigrants because they all come for the same reason. Citizenship preference should not be based on how much we need it or how rich we are. Many of the immigrants that come to this country come because the United States offers more than their country does. For example a lot of countries do not have the low income healthcare plans and government assistant like Medicaid and food stamps to help take care of children and pregnant women. Applicants should all be given the same priority no country deserves to be treated better than another; because no country is better than another to deserve special treatment. The U.S. government should also be more considerate to the fact that these people come here looking for ways to make money, with that being said the fees should be more reasonable. I think that the U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: government is getting over on these people who just want a better life for themselves and their children. I understand that a lot of Americans are afraid because of 9-11 but everyone is not out to hurt the U.S. they just want to live here in peace. I am Maria and I am from Mexico. I immigrated to the United states to get a job so that I could take care of my parents and brothers and sisters back home. I am the oldest of 12 so it is very hard going through all the challenges and not speaking very much English. I went through a lot of processes and fees for things I did not understand; but because I wanted and needed to be in this country to make the money to take care of my family .I was scared and did not come here with money. I was granted a non immigrant work permit and as I worked I saved money to pay for everything that would give me a permit to be permanent in the United States. It has been four years now and I speak almost perfect English and my family is living better....
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