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A current issue between Native Americans and the federal government was the Cobell settlement. This issue developed when the federal government mismanaged more than 100 billion dollars in oil, timber, grazing, and other royalties owned by about 500,000 Native American beneficiaries. In late 2009 the government and the plaintiffs came to an agreement and the case was settled at 1.4 billion to be paid to the natives who had been mismanaged from the land and other assets that had been taken from them in 1887. The legislation in this particular case was congress. I think this issue is connected to this legislation because in order for the settlement to pass congress had to vote and
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Unformatted text preview: decide on the settlement and whether or not to grant the natives with reimbursement. The Cobell case was open for 13 years before an agreement could be decided. In the beginning of the case the courts only wanted to reward back a very small portion of the profit owed but the plaintiff Cobell refused to settle for such a mediocre amount of what belonged to the tribes. Because she did not let the courts scam the natives again made this a very prominent case. In the end the natives were reward a reasonable amount of money plus extra funding towards education and scholarships. Information provided by
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