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Compliance plans correlate to different medical records documentation standards. Medical facilities have to make sure that the billing rules are followed by all staff members. Medical records are kept accurate with the patient’s conditions and diagnoses and trace’s the course of care they receive. Medical records are legal documents which are a physician’s first line of defense against accusations that patients were not treated correctly. In order to protect physicians from lawsuits they must document the reason behind their treatment decision. Compliance plans are put into place to ensure that accurate medical records are kept. Having accurate records protects the medical facility and the physician from any lawsuit against them. Medical facilities that have a compliance plan are showing outsiders that the facility has made ongoing attempts to find and fix any weak areas within their facility. Following a compliance plan helps a health care
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Unformatted text preview: facility with training and education, avoiding legal actions, and provides a way of early detection of problems within the facility. Compliance plans cover more than just coding and billing, it also covers all areas of government regulation of medical practices. There are 10 steps in the medical billing process that are related to compliance plans, medical records, or documentation standards. Check billing compliance and review coding compliance are related to compliance plans. Preregister patients, establish financial responsibility for visits, and check in patients, check out patients are related to medical records. Prepare and transmit claims, monitor payer adjudication, generate patient statements, and following up patient payments and handle claims are related to the documentation standards....
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