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HCR 220 week 5 assignment

HCR 220 week 5 assignment - existing patient with an...

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Initial consultation for a 78-year-old woman with unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, and rectal bleeding. Comprehensive history and examination performed. 99205 Since this examination and history was comprehensive and dealt with many body systems. I believe that 99205 would be the better E/M code to use. 30-year-old patient presents complaining of flu-like symptoms characterized by unremitting cough, sinus pain, and thick nasal discharge. Examination reveals bronchitis and sinus infection. Patient is prescribed a five-day course of Zithromax. 99202 This case does not provide if the patient was a new patient or an established patient. So without knowing if this patient was new or established I would use the code 99202. Established patient on Lithium presents for routine blood work to monitor therapeutic levels and kidney function. Nurse reviews the results and advises the patient that tests are normal and no change in dosage is indicated. 99211 The patient is already on lithium and requires routine blood work to be done. The patient is already an
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Unformatted text preview: existing patient with an established history so I believe that 99211 would be the best E/M code to use. 62-year-old diabetic female presents for check-up and dressing change of wound on left foot. Examination reveals that the wound is healing. Nurse applied new dressing and patient will return for check-up in one week. 99212 I chose 99212 due to the fact that the patient has diabetes and is there for a routine check-up and to change the dressing on her foot. Since the wound is healing and the patient will return for another check-up I believe 99212 is the best E/M code. A mother brings in her six-month-old male child for routine wellness check. Examination reveals the child to be in good health and making adequate progress. 99215 This was a routing wellness check. A wellness check is an extensive visit to make sure the baby is doing well and developing on schedule....
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