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All health care benefits are managed by the human resources department. Human resources is responsible for negotiating health plans with different insurance companies and make a selection of products to offer employees. The plans available offer both basic and rider products. Rider products are options that an employee may add to their plan such as: vision and dental or even a more popular coverage known as complementary health care that covers a range of things like dietary counseling and massage therapy. Most group health plans have a certain period in which an employee can enroll known as the enrollment period. This specific time is normally once a year. Employers will usually provide employees with information on coverage and benefits programs. Depending on the insurance provider selected by the company will
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Unformatted text preview: determine whether or not the employee will have network providers or not. Network providers are the providers in a specific network and the insurance will usually cover the cost if employee is seen by one of their providers if not it will be an out of pocket experience. In some cases group health insurance can be kept for a period of time after an employee has ended their job. This is when the insurance is portable. The employees creditable coverage is the coverage from a previous group health plan. Self funded health plans usually take the responsibility of covering their employees health and medical benefits. In these situations the employer may hire a third party administrator to handle collecting premiums and processing medical claims and payments....
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