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HCR 230 week 3 checkpoint - To be eligible for Medicaid...

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To be eligible for Medicaid benefits there are certain guidelines that must be met. Individuals with a certain level of low income are eligible depending on the state in which they reside. Each state has their own set of guidelines that must be met before an individual can be eligible for assistance. Some of the factors evaluated during the eligibility screening include: age, disability, blindness, access to resources (bank accounts and property), and citizenship status (legal immigrant or U.S. citizen). Since income and resources are evaluated differently in each state an individual’s eligibility may change from state to state and that individual may not be eligible in certain states. Children’s Medicaid has certain eligibility guidelines but does go on the status of the parent but on the child’s status. If a child is disabled and lives at home or an adult is in a nursing home special rules are applied. All emergency services are covered by Medicaid, but under
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