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HCR 230 week 7 assignment - Collections Process Our office...

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Collections Process Our office follows a five step collection process to collect payment from patients. In the first step of this process we bill the patient usually on the second Monday of each month. Once the bill has been sent we go on to the second step which is a courtesy call in regards to the bill, this step occurs 30 days after the patient receives the first billing statement. During this courtesy call the patient will be informed on the financial policies and his or her obligations to the policy as well as be given different payment options offered by our office with the option of setting up a payment arrangement/plan. If no payment has been received within two weeks of the courtesy call then we move on to the third step in the process which is sending out a collections letter and following up with a call. The letter will go over the policies and procedures as well as the option they chose for their payment arrangements. The follow up call will go over the account as well as answer any questions the patient may have. Once the first three steps are proceeded through with
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