HCR 230 week 7 checkpoint

HCR 230 week 7 checkpoint - In order for any type of...

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Unformatted text preview: In order for any type of policies and procedures to be effective in the medical office setting both the staff and patients need to be aware of policies and procedures. Effectiveness of policies is be educated on the collections process. The basic elements of an effective medical office financial policy include the medical office addressing all possible scenarios, including: financial arrangements and payment plans, payments not covered by insurance, and other special circumstances. Medical office financial policies and procedures that are effective to the practice need to explain in detail the collections process as well as what insurance is excepted and a price list for simple procedures and more complicated procedures. Financial policies will explain types of payment accepted by the office. There should be information brochures that discuss the offices procedures and policies. The office should have signs posted and medical staff well educated on the policies so that they can better...
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