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Inpatient and Outpatient facilities differ a great deal because there are certain coding procedures that are done differently. Both facilities have coding procedures they must learn but inpatient coders must learn more codes than an outpatient coder. Inpatient facilities are usually for overnight or longer stays. Hospitals, nursing homes, and mental facilities are all considered inpatient facilities. Outpatient facilities are facilities designed for short visits. Doctor’s offices, ambulatory surgical centers and some rehabilitation centers are considered outpatient. Outpatient facilities unlike inpatient facilities do not have the proper equipment to keep patients long-term. Due to the facilities being different, they have different coding processes. The Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set provides rules for the diagnostic coding in inpatient facilities. Inpatient facilities must adhere to the rules in order to receive pay for services.
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Unformatted text preview: Medical coders in inpatient facilities began the coding process once the patient is discharged. Inpatient diagnosis coding is performed using ICD-9-CM volumes 1 and 2; volume 3 is used to code procedures during a patients stay. The patient’s general reason for admission is the principal diagnosis. The principal diagnosis must always be listed first in accordance to hospital inpatient rules. For example, inpatient principle diagnosis: diverticulosis of the small intestine (562.00); inpatient admitting diagnosis: probable acute appendicitis (540). In outpatient facilities however when a medical coder is coding a diagnosis, the primary diagnosis is the first code listed and is the general reason for seeing the physician. Although inpatient coding and outpatient coding are different it is still very important for the coders to code all procedures correctly for reimbursement....
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