PHI 105 checkpoint week 6

PHI 105 checkpoint week 6 - the public. In today’s...

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All around the world people have different religious views; I don’t think a person’s religious views should affect their treatment of others. No one person on this earth is better than the next person. A person’s religious view never gives them the right to mistreat or judge others. All religious people should strive to encourage people to walk down the path of righteousness because this is what god taught when he walked the earth. God said to love thy neighbor as he loves you. I think that people are less generous and humble than they were a century ago. Many people today pretend to be generous and humble but really it all for what looks good to
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Unformatted text preview: the public. In today’s society people are hypocrites they would rather do for themselves than for others. Not everyone is this way but it is sometimes hard to tell the real from the fake. If I were to rewrite the story it would show what real generosity and humbleness is. It would speak of people giving to the homeless and the less fortunate. Today there are just too many selfish people because they either don’t go to church and read the word of god or they just don’t care and have never been taught to care....
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