PHI 105 week 1 checkpoint argument and logic

PHI 105 week 1 checkpoint argument and logic - Checkpoint...

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Unformatted text preview: Checkpoint: Argument and Logic Augustine on God and time This particular excerpt is questioning Christian theology. The main question Augustine asked is “Why did God choose to create the world at the time he did and not some other? (Moore 2008).” Augustine concluded that time was nonexistent until the world was created by god, and that God does not exist in time but is rather so beyond time. Argument and Logic Augustine argues in this excerpt that time is only in the human mind and before God created man there was no such thing as time. Augustine’s argument states that even though the past is behind us and we can remember it is still nonexistent and the future is only what lies ahead. But the present is the only thing real in time. For example this is a quote from the excerpt “ On one hand, only the present exists, for the past is no more, and the future is not yet.”(Moore 2008). With that statement alone Augustine answered the question of time but to some it may not be clear what he...
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