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PHI 105 week 5 checkpoint

PHI 105 week 5 checkpoint - Modern thinkers lean more...

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I examined that most of my classmates agreed where moral character is concerned that habits and moral character are not always one in the same, because a person can have personal habits that do not necessarily conflict with their moral character. The disagreement between classmates was mainly focused on how bad habits effect moral character. Some people agreed that habits effect moral character while others begged to differ, meaning they felt that moral character is not always established by bad habits. I think that the majority of my classmates have a more modern perspective or viewpoint on moral character and habits, while there are a few with the traditional viewpoint.
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Unformatted text preview: Modern thinkers lean more towards moral character being good or bad without the extra problems of habits and other factors, either it is or it isn’t. traditional thinkers think that moral character is reflected upon good or bad habits. I think though there may be a small connection between moral character and a persons habits all in all they are both very different and one can not be judged or frowned upon because of habits if they do not harm others. My way of thinking is modern I guess because I think that if a person has a bad habit like smoking it does not effect their moral character....
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