PSY 210 week 1 checkpoint

PSY 210 week 1 checkpoint - method The observation of a...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Complete the following chart. The first column shows the name of a research method used in psychology. In the second column, write a brief description of that research method. In the third column, provide a situation when this method could be applied. Research Method Description Application Scientific method Used in psychology to organize and predict a process. Comparing to brands of paper towel to determine which brand absorbs the most moisture. Case study method The in depth analysis of an individual Observing an individual or group over a period of time to monitor possible side effects to a new drug. Survey method Data collected by an individual or groups responses to a series of questions. Researchers survey 6 people on their IQ in math over a short period. Naturalistic observation
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Unformatted text preview: method The observation of a subject in its natural environment. Researchers surveying lions in their natural habitat and watching how they interact with each other and hunt. Correlation method The study of two or more subjects with a relation of some sort. A study on two women that weigh the same but are different heights to conclude a hypothesis that taller people weigh more than shorter people. Experimental method The manipulation of a subject to determine if a change in one subject causes changes in another subject to test a hypothesis. Researchers studying the complexity of the HIV virus and using structures to find a cure. Within this the researchers must test different theories to come up with an ultimate conclusion and a possible cure or vaccine. PSY 210 PSY 210...
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PSY 210 week 1 checkpoint - method The observation of a...

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