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PSY 210 week 2 checkpoint - for the best no matter what job...

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I believe that employers can find that assessment tests are useful tools to help in the search for certain abilities, skills, and their overall traits as well as drive for success. The assessment test could be used by employers to better choose candidates for certain positions for their company. I don’t think should be the only way that employers do their hiring but it could be an added part of the hiring packet just to see how beneficial a candidate is. I think this test would also be good for current employees who are possibly trying to move up in the company. When I completed the assessment, I answered all the questions honestly and my ending results were 127 out of possible 30 to 150. I think I have a great drive success and I am very motivated to stay on that path and achieve my goals. I feel like right now I work on jobs just to make ends meet until I finish school and can do the job that my heart desires. This type of test could very motivate employees to strive
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Unformatted text preview: for the best no matter what job they are doing instead of employees quitting or insisting on raises. By giving them test will show them where they stand as far as their drive for success. In an earlier statement I said this test could prove useful to employers, but even good things have drawbacks. A potential drawback with this as well as any other type of assessment is the honesty vs. dishonesty factor, not everyone is going to be honest because most people want to put the answers that look the best or that they believe their employer wants to see. When employees are dishonest it will give inaccurate results which could possibly backfire on the company and the employee. This is the biggest reason why I don’t see this type of assessment being 100% reliable in a hiring process. I still think the test is a great way to help people where they are on the road to success but it should not be relied upon for any main reason....
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