PSY 210 week 4 checkpoint

PSY 210 week 4 checkpoint - because the stress will become...

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1. The steps of the general adaptation syndrome I will experience would be first the alarm reaction in which I will react to the stress. This reaction will prepare me for the stress I will be enduring. During the Second phase I will experience the resistance stage in which my body will began to go on as normal. And third I will experience the exhaustion stage in which my physical and psychological energy will be diminished. 2. The emotional and cognitive effects this stressor may cause me will be both physical and psychological. I will become emotionally distressed and depressed as well as anxious. The cognitive effect of this stressor will cause me to lose focus and alertness. I will be angry more often due to an overload of stress. I will eventually start lashing out at co workers and failing to complete task on time
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Unformatted text preview: because the stress will become overwhelming. 3. The stress I will be experiencing can affect my health by causing tension headaches and high blood pressure, as well as heart problems. Stress can also cause the glands to secrete something called corticosteroids. This may be harmful to my body and can result in a lot of difficulties. My immune will become weak and I will by more at risk to get illnesses. 4. I would resolve the situation effectively by communicating with my boss that the work is overwhelming and seeing about possibly getting some help to get the work done. I would also talk to a doctor about ways to relieve stress without having to take medications. I would enroll into a yoga class or some type meditation class to help release the stress everyday...
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PSY 210 week 4 checkpoint - because the stress will become...

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