PSY 210 week 6 assignment

PSY 210 week 6 assignment - Cybersex Addiction By: Jontovia...

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Cybersex Addiction By: Jontovia Watson PSY 210 Darlene Sowa In today’s society cyberspace/internet is the occupant to more than 94 million peoples leisure time. Usually when one thinks of cyberspace or the internet they think of social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Truth is as popular as these sites are in the cyber world there is a rise in the number of individuals who use a different type of social networking called cybersex. This type of networking is the cause for what is called cybersex addiction. So what is cybersex addiction you might ask, this addiction like any other addiction does not start out as an addiction but it progresses into one; it is defined as a compulsive use of the
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internet of pornography, adult chat rooms and adult fantasy role play sites ( For most it starts as curiosity and just like many other curious events, becomes an addiction. For example an alcoholic does not become an alcoholic without first being curious as to how it taste this is the same thing with cybersex; a cybersex addict does not become an addict until they have an online experience that arose out of curiosity. But curiosity is not the case for all cybersex addicts. Some are addicts of other sexual nature who have found a more private and elusive way to feed their addiction. Some of these include rapist and petifiles. Who do you think is most affected by this addiction men or women? Most research that both men and women are engaged in cybersex but they exceed each other in the different methods of cybersex in which they engage. Men are more into the online porn and fantasy role play, while women are into the sexual video chats. Every addiction has some kind of effect on the person addicted, but it also has an effect
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PSY 210 week 6 assignment - Cybersex Addiction By: Jontovia...

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