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PSY 210 week 6 checkpoint - Permissive Parent Because as a...

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Authoritive Parent: Because as a child this child learned discipline as well as structure with support, they will go into adulthood with responsibility and a drive to do well through school and later in their career lives. This process starts during childhood and progresses through adolescence into a maintainable adulthood. Authorian Parent: Because as a child their parents only showed them discipline with no communication as a young adult and adult this person may have issues with self esteem and identity. This person would have a hard time communicating to others due to lack of communication growing up as well as understanding warmth and love. As an adult they may be controlling and have a hard time succeeding.
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Unformatted text preview: Permissive Parent: Because as a child they had no real home structure as an adolescence they will not do well in school due to the fact that their parents don’t get on them about anything and this will cause them to go into adulthood with no real responsibility or drive for success. Adults who grow up under this type of parenting tend to have the same attitude that their parents had because it molded and instilled in them. They don’t really care and do more risky things as adolescence due to a lack of guidance....
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