SCI 241 Protein article

SCI 241 Protein article - right away but they do help build...

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I chose to write an article on the topic “Amino acids and how they relate to athletics” because my brother is an athlete and I am a runner. The basis of this article is that whey protein enhances athletic performance. Considering that in order to play sports you must muscles is able to build muscles, and possess the ability for your muscles to heal and recover quickly. Also, of all the protein in the human body, only about 30% is not muscle tissue. If amino acids are the building structure of protein and muscles are a largely made from protein, it stands to reason that extra protein intake by an athlete will improve their game (Best, 1998). Only nine out of the 20 amino acids are essential to the body, which means the body is not able to produce them on its own. Whey protein is rich in the three amino acids leucine, isoeucine, and valine, which are all essential and almost half the requirement needed each day. There is no significant evidence that these amino acids are beneficial
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Unformatted text preview: right away, but they do help build muscle. However, these types of amino acids cannot build muscle by themselves, but with a combination of proteins containing all the essential amino acids has markedly increased muscle development (Best, 1998). Muscle growth benefits most from amino acid intake directly after exercise. In fact, some research concluded that people who exercise on a regular basis should double their protein consumption. The article clearly and succinctly describes the benefits of amino acids for the athletically natured. Amino acids are the structure of protein, muscle is primarily made of protein and needs it to grow, and whey protein provides essential amino acids necessary to build muscle and help them recover. References Best, B. (1998) Whey for Muscle & Mind: Athletic performance enhancement must be added to whey's benefits. Life Extension, Vol. 4, Issue 10. Alt Health Watch. Retrieved September 2, 2010 from EBSCOhost. Apollo Library....
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SCI 241 Protein article - right away but they do help build...

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