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Spring 2011 - Lab #5 – Drilling Simulator STEP 6 – ANALYSIS – Partial Key a. Indicate how varying pump rate, rotation speed and weight on bit affected rate of penetration. Speculate as to why the effects were as you observed (give a physical reason for what you saw). Increasing any of the three parameters (pump rate, rotation speed and weight on bit) increased ROP (rate of penetration). Increasing the pump rate helps wash cuttings out of the way to make the bit more efficient, plus there is probably a small effect from the jetting action of the fluid at the bit nozzles. Increasing rotation rate is like increasing the revolution speed of a saw – it makes it cut faster. You don’t necessarily get more penetration per rotation (although bit rotational velocity may improve performance), but you are doing more rotations per minute, so you drill faster (higher ROP). More weight on bit helps break the rock better and make the bit penetrate more per revolution. b.
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