marcellus essay - Ingraffea uses an outlandish number that...

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HW #4 – Marcellus Shale Development Videos by Dr. Anthony Ingraffea – Main Points to Remember!! The Marcellus Shale is a gas bearing formation underlying New York and Pennsylvanian (for the most part). Primary factors controlling the numbers of wells used for gas development can be divided into factors controlling spatial layout and timing. The 4 main factors are: get lease access from owners geology availability of market capital demand for gas from the market. The pad geometry for well development 1 pad per 640 acre section (i.e., 1 pad per square mile) section is rectangular shape, 2 miles by ½ mile well is placed in the middle of the pad horizontals are drilled 1 mile in each direction along the long axis of the rectangle 8 to 10 wells can be drilled per pad Current development in Pennsylvania, about 1000 wells per year the gas pipeline industry is estimating as many as 5000 wells will be drilled per year
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Unformatted text preview: Ingraffea uses an outlandish number that computes to over 30,000 wells per year, presumably to exaggerate the environmental impact (even though he says he knows it isn’t a realistic number) Water usage Chesapeake estimates of 5.5 million gallons of fresh water required per well for completion and fracturing Ingraffea, assuming 168,000 wells in 5 years (instead of 1000 to 5000 wells per year), computes 924 billion gallons of fresh water consumed in 5 years Ingraffea’s 924 billion gallons in 5 years computes out to 506 million gallons per day, 5% of the total water usage in Pennsylvania. But realistically, the number would be much smaller than that. Pennsylvania uses about 9610 million gallons per day from surface (91%) and groundwater (9%) sources (based on 1995 data). The other environmental impact is produced water. some of that water will be recycled rest needs to be disposed by injection or treated...
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marcellus essay - Ingraffea uses an outlandish number that...

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