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morrison v. olson - withholding of Environmental Protection...

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Courtney Smith Professor King Con Law 4200 9/20/10 Morrison v. Olson Facts: Morrison v. Olson (April 26, 1988) Congress passed the Ethics in Government Act in 1978 that later expired in 1999 after the Clinton’s popular know situation of the Whitewater land deal in Arkansas, and Bill Clintons affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The EGA wanted to prosecute government officials for certain violations of federal criminal laws only if necessary, but the Special Division could only make those decisions. In 1986, Morrison investigated that former Assistant General Theodore Olson lied before a congressional subcommittee in 1983 concerning the
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Unformatted text preview: withholding of Environmental Protection Agency documents from Congress. Olson later challenged Morrison in the Court of Appeals . Issues: Did the Act violate the Appointment Clause, and fundamentals of Separation of Powers? No Reasoning: The court made the decision that this act did not violate the Appointment Clause and the principals of Separation of Powers nor the Constitution. Just by reading the documents you can make that judgment. Holdings: The court made a ruling of 7 to 1. Morrison’s two year investigation did not have enough evidence to seek an indictment to Olson. The law later expired in 1999....
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