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-1Courtney Smith Randy DeJesus Katie Reynolds v. Sims Brief Facts: Sims, and other voters from Jefferson County, Alabama, tested the sharing out of the state legislature. The Alabama Constitution approved that each county was allowed to at least one representative and that there has to be just the same senatorial districts as there were senators. Issues: Is the current operation of apportionment rejecting to Alabama voters the equal protection of laws? Yes. Reasoning: The Supreme Court of the United States said that “legislators represent people, not trees or acres.” Should the state gives voters in part of the
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Unformatted text preview: State more power in the vote of their legislators, the right to vote of voters in under characterized parts of the State has been weakened. Holding: Ruling was 8 to 1. Court supported the trial of the Alabama system, holding that Equal Protection Clause demanded "no less than substantially equal state legislative representation for all citizens". States are required to "honest and good faith" hard work to create districts as just about as equal populace as feasible....
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