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wesberry v. sanders - voice heard every time you cast your...

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-1 Courtney Smith Randy DeJesus Katie Wesberry v. Sanders Brief Facts: Wesberry filed a law suit against the Governor of Georgia, (Carl Sanders), objecting the state's “apportionment scheme”. Wesberry was a member of the fifth congressional district and had a population two or three times larger than most other districts in that state. Wesberry said this system weakened his right to vote unlike other Georgia residents. Issues: Did the states congressional districts violate the Fourteenth Amendment or take away citizens full benefit of their right to vote? Reasoning: Court noticed that "no right is more precious" than having your own
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Unformatted text preview: voice heard every time you cast your “own” vote. Also said, “a vote is worth more in one district than in another would not only run counter to our fundamental ideas of democratic government, it would cast aside the principle of a House of Representatives elected 'by the People” Holding: Ruling was 6 to 3. The Court held that Georgia's apportionment scheme discriminated against voters in the Fifth Congressional District. Only one congressman has to stand for two to three times as many people that were represented by congressmen in many other districts....
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