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ENTERPRISE COMPUTING 3 0 0 3 UNIT I ENTERPRISE FOUNDATIONS 9 Enterprise Architectural overview - object oriented software development for enterprise - Component Based software development for enterprise. Java Enterprise System. Enterprise Data - Basis of JDBC - interfaces -drivers. Advanced JDBC features. UNIT II DISTRIBUTED ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATIONS ENABLING 9 Distributed Enterprise Communications Basis - RMI Communication – CORBA communication - DCOM Communication – Software Development for RMI Communication UNIT III SERVICES FOR DISTRIBUTED ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS 9 Naming Services, Directory and Trading services, Activation Services, Message Services, Transaction Services, Security Services and High assurance Enterprise applications. UNIT IV ENTERPRISE WEB ENABLING 9 Web Browsers and Web Servers in Enterprise. Web Programming, XML. Java Servlets - Java
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Unformatted text preview: Server pages. UNIT V INTEROPERABILITYAND MULTITIER ENTERPRISE COMPUTING 9 Java Beans, EJB, Enterprise Application Integration, Interoperability between various computing technologies - Tools For Enterprise Computing - Patterns Frame work TOTAL 45 REFERENCES : 1. Paul J Perrone, Venkata S.R. Krishna R and Chayanti, " Building Java Enterprise Systems with J2EE", Techmedia , New Delhi, 2000. 2. George Reese, Database programming, with JDBC and Java" Second Edition, OReiliy Publishers , New Delhi, 2000. 3. Dustin R. Callaway - "Inside Servlets " - Addison Wesley Longman Inc , New Delhi, 2001. 4. Tom Valesky - "Enterprise Java Beans" - Addison Wesley Longman Inc.New Delhi, 2000. 5. Ed Roman - "Mastering EJB" - John Wiley & Sons, New Delhi, 2001....
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