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earth science 20 - Prof. Jerry W. Kousen Vincennes...

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Prof. Jerry W. Kousen ERTH 100 Vincennes University Intro to Earth Science Structure and Sun’s Relationship in Earth’s Atmosphere Structure of the Atmosphere In large measure, the atmosphere has evolved in response to and controlled by life processes. It continues to change as a consequence of human activities, but at a rate that is far in excess of the rate of previous evolutionary change. The atmosphere controls the climate and ultimately determines the quality of life on Earth. We will begin our discussion with a brief review of the composition and structure of the present-day atmosphere. Then we will discuss the major events in the evolution of the atmosphere that led to its current state. We will discuss some important tools along the way that will prove useful in many settings. The word "structure" is used in atmospheric physics to mean the vertical profile of particular variables of interest (such as temperature, density, pressure, etc.)
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Atmospheric structure is subdivided into four thermal layers or "- spheres" that are divided by transition regions or "-pauses". The
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earth science 20 - Prof. Jerry W. Kousen Vincennes...

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