Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior - Consumer Behavior At the heart of...

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Consumer Behavior “At the heart of marketing’s equations of process and outcomes are models of consumer behavior. Understanding the household consumer (and the industrial customer) is the starting point for all marketing planning and action. The marketing philosophy has been defined as seeing our products and services through the eyes of the customer.” Lilien, Kotler, and Moorthy Marketing Engineering Professor : Dr. Richard Spreng, Course Description: This course is an introduction to consumer behavior, and is appropriate for students in marketing, advertising, and other business disciplines. This course has been approved at Michigan State University as equivalent to MKT 302. Objectives : Business firms are increasingly concerned with being customer oriented. In this course we will apply behavioral science research to the field of marketing. Research by psychologists, social psychologists, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, and other behavioral scientists is used to help solve marketing problems. The material covered in this course should be relevant to careers in brand management, advertising, retailing, and marketing research. This course is designed to: provide an overview of the theories and models that will help you
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Consumer Behavior - Consumer Behavior At the heart of...

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