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Zimbra Collaboration Suite [email protected] {Disarmed} Management Intelligence: A proven checklist for business success 06 Ogos 2009 18:58:37 From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Reply To: [email protected] Dear [email protected], Management Intelligence. ..  ... from Edward de Bono and Robert Heller, is only sent to those who asked to receive it at the Thinking Managers website. To stop receiving it, go here: Dear fellow manager, I was delighted once when a reader thanked me for the million he'd made by taking a piece of my management advice. I was thrilled, later on, when another reader attributed his success in building a national market leader to obeying the precepts I'd supplied as a checklist for success (which you'll find later in this letter). But later still I thought about these two heart-warming cases and thought, never forget, is the Golden Key to business and management success . Plainly, the two readers were highly exceptional. But what truly distinguished them from other, less successful people who had heard or read the very same ideas and instructions? The difficulty or difference didn't lie in what I wrote and said. Nor was there any problem in understanding these very clear messages. These people, I was sure, knew what to do, and, what's more, how to do it. But unlike the two successes they missed out on the one absolute necessity. They did nothing. A moment's thought (that key word again) is all you need to 1
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see that this inaction is no way to win. Edward de Bono, the father of lateral thinking, spotlights the same deficiency in creativity. People talk about its necessity, but don't act to exploit their own creative powers for all manner of specious reasons, including the erroneous view that they have no such talent. You do. When I got together with Edward to produce LETTER TO THINKING MANAGERS, our objective was to turn also-rans into champions by combining the best of thinking theory and practice with a telling guide to using the best management recipes and recommendations and avoiding the worst fads and fashions. Even a genuine truth becomes a passing fad if you believe it
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Management Intelligence - Zimbra Collaboration Suite...

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