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Economic Crisis - Bailout Plan

Economic Crisis - Bailout Plan - Economic Crisis Bailout...

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Economic Crisis - Bailout Plan a Dismal Failure October 8th, 2008 Less than a week has passed since the $700+ Billion bailout plan was passed to handle the financial crisis. The money is gone. It’s all been dished out. Yet the Wall Street stock market crash continues, the economic crisis continues full steam ahead, and the greedy want even more. Just today, Nancy Pelosi asked for another $150 Billion for the bailout to handle the credit crisis. No doubt her new plan is filled with pork belly earmarks. The government and all the greedy and corrupt officals on Capital Hill are admitting that the $700 Billion is just a start. They say it’s going to take at least 3 times that. I, for one, am not willing for my pocket to be picked any longer by people who have been elected to serve me, who are treating me like their economic slave. All those who voted for the bailout plan need to resign from office today. More appropriately they should be convicted of TREASON - betrayal after trust- Democrats and Republicans alike. Indictments for treason should also extend to the recipients of the money for their criminal activities. Just weeks after receiving their $85 Billion dollar rescue package, AIG senior management reportedly spent over $400,000 on a week-long vacation retreat for themselves at a ritzy resort in California at our, the taxpayers’, expense. Their spa bill alone for manicures, pedicures, facials and massages ran up a tab of over $23,000. That is CRIMINAL! And that is just the first of the stories like these. A lot of heads need to be put on pikes. They have stolen America’s financial freedom. I still want Ron Paul for President. He has the sanest money management plan of all. I still want the FairTax Bill voted in and the IRS voted out. It’s going to take an all-out grass roots effort by the American citizens to get the FairTax Bill passed. I believe, as does Ron Paul and the 70 or more other members of the current Congress who support the FairTax Bill, that it can be done. I just visited the FairTax website at http://www.fairtax.org and read this message on the current economic crisis and the out-ethics activities of our government officials from their Communications Director Ken Hoagland. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
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