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Name: Chi Nguyen Section: 14 Missionary Lesson Outlines PLEASE CHANGE THE FILE NAME BY ADDING YOUR NAME AND SECTION BEFORE UPLOADING Your assignment is to create a “master lesson outline” based of the “full lesson outline” contained in Preach My Gospel . Using the template below, you are to add three additional aspects to the pre-made lesson outline. First you need to read each section of the Preach my Gospel lesson. Next you need to create a list of questions for each principle to assess an investigators understanding. You do not have to have a question for every possible doctrine but make sure to cover the major ones – the ones you feel it is important for an investigator to know. You will then need to explain how you would teach the principle to an investigator with little knowledge of the gospel. List some specific teaching methods you might use to teach these principles such as; read scriptures, summarize, ask questions, testify, use visual aids, etc. Finally you are required to read AND mark each of the scriptures recommended in the “Scripture Study” box connected with each principle of the missionary discussion (not just the ones contained in the lesson outline). If you do not answer yes I will assume you did not read them. You will be graded using the rubric below. Notice that to receive full credit or an “A”, your work need to rise above that typically done by students – hence it needs to be done very well. Put your name and section number on this form and staple it to the front of your lesson outline. Due dates for each lesson outline are listed in the syllabus. For an example of how to do one principle see the template for “The Plan of Salvation” lesson. PROJECT SCORING RUBERICK How your project will be scored. FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED 1 2 3 4 COMMENTS Thorough and complete Outline Questions are succinct, clear and would successfully evaluate an investigators understanding The teaching methods are detailed, meaningful and appropriate for the content (Notice the adjectives) All scriptures for each principles where read and marked (weighted double) % = Points= / Grading Scale 1 = Needs work. The quality of work does not satisfy a college level expectation. 2 = Ordinary.
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4 - Nguyen - Chi - Commandments - Name: Chi Nguyen Section:...

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