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DOCUMENTATION OF BUSINESS REPORTS In writing a business report, you often want to use words or ideas from another author. When another person's idea is used, you must give credit to him or her. In general, you have two options: paraphrase the information or quote it directly. You want to avoid using frequent or long quotations, but some quoted material adds variety and credibility to your document. Even though you may not quote the author's words directly, you are guilty of plagiarism unless you document your source. However, sometimes you will find separating another's idea from your own difficult. If you have become well informed on the subject and can write the information in your own words without having to refer to source material, no documentation is essential. However, if you use statistics, specific information from an author, or quote the material directly, you must use a citation. The following guidelines will help you in citing your sources correctly. 1. Incorporate quotations of three or fewer lines into your text through the use of quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quote. 2. Set off quotations of four or more lines by single spacing and indenting one-half inch from each margin. When quotations are set off, no quotation marks are used. 3. Check your source to be sure your quote is exactly like the original in spelling, punctuation, and wording. If you want to add additional information to make the quotation clearer, you should use brackets [ ] to enclose your editorial information. Type [sic] immediately after the error. 4. Follow standard business practice when using punctuation marks with quotation marks. a. Always place commas and periods inside quotation marks. b. Always place semicolons and colons outside quotation marks.
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