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Math 3C — Exam #1 Study Guide Laney College, Spring 2011 Fred Bourgoin This exam will cover chapters 12 and 13. I have listed all of the topics you should be familiar with, along with some suggested review problems. Chapter 12: Functions of Several Variables Be familiar with R 3 and the Cartesian coordinate system. Find the distance between two points. Graph basic functions of two variables, perhaps using cross-sections. Construct a contour diagram for a function of two variables. Read a contour diagram. Determine whether a function is linear from a table of values or from a contour diagram. Find an equation for a linear function from a table of values or from a contour diagram. Sketch a level curve of a function of three variables. Express a function of two variables as a level curve of a function of three variables, and vice-versa. There will be no questions about limits and continuity. Suggested review problems:
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