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Unformatted text preview: Math 3C — Exam #2 Study Guide Laney College, Spring 2011 Fred Bourgoin This exam will cover chapters 14 and 15. I have listed all of the topics you should be familiar with, along with some suggested review problems. Chapter 14: Partial Differentiation • Approximate partial derivatives from a table or a contour diagram. • Compute partial derivatives algebraically. • Find an equation for the plane tangent to a surface at a given point. (The surface might be the graph of a function of 2 variables or a level surface of a function in 3 variables.) • Use differentials to approximate values of a function near a known point. • Compute the gradient of a function (of 2 or 3 variables). • Know the properties of the gradient (of 2 or 3 variables). • Find the derivative of a function (of 2 or 3 variables) in a given direction. • Use the chain rule to differentiate. • Approximate second partials (including mixed partials) from a table or a contour diagram....
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