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Math 3C — Exam #3 Study Guide Laney College, Spring 2011 Fred Bourgoin This exam will cover chapters 16 and 17. I have listed all of the topics you should be familiar with, along with some suggested review problems. Chapter 16: Integration Know how interpret a double integral as a volume. Write a double integral as an iterated integral. Evaluate a double integral, perhaps reversing the order of integration first. Switch a double integral from rectangular to polar coordinates. Do all of the above (when appropriate) for triple integrals. Evaluate triple integrals in cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Skip section 16.6 on probability. Compute the Jacobian and use it when changing variables in an double integral. (There will be no Jacobians with three variables.) Suggested review problems:
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Unformatted text preview: 4th edition: #1–49, 54 pp. 825–7 5th edition: #1–65, 69 pp. 871–4 Chapter 17: Parameterization & Vector Fields • Parameterize simple curves (lines, circles, etc.). • Know the relations between position, velocity, and acceleration vectors. • Find the arc length of a curve. • Know what a vector field is; understand and be able to draw it. • Know what flow lines and the flow of a vector field are. I will not ask you to find the equation of a flow line through a point, but I might ask for the system of differential equations that defines it. • Parameterize surfaces (planes, graphs of functions, and surfaces of revolution). Suggested review problems: 4th edition: #1–25, 28, 33, 36–42, 44 pp. 866–71 5th edition: #1–50, 54–57, 60...
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