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Pearson Education June 2010 MathXL Student Grace Period Instructions Dear Student, You have been given a grace period access code that allows you to use MathXL for 21 days. To get access to MathXL for this grace period: 1. Go to www.mathxl.com . 2. Click Register under ‘ First Time Users on the MathXL home page. 3. Follow the instructions to register. You will be asked to: o Review and Accept the License and Privacy Policy o Type your grace period access code in the space provided. o Click Next and follow the instructions to complete the registration 4. Review the Confirmation & Summary page and print the page for your records. Click Log In Now to enter MathXL. To upgrade to full MathXL access: Before the grace period expires, you must upgrade your subscription to continue accessing your course. To do this, return to www.Mathxl.com. You can upgrade your subscription either by paying with a credit card or PayPal account, or by entering the MathXL access code from the access kit you purchased at the bookstore.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Go to MathXL : www.mathxl.com 2. Under ‘First Time User’ choose your upgrade method. Click ‘Register’ if you purchased a MathXL access code or Click ‘Buy Now’ if you plan to pay with a credit card or PayPal account. 3. Follow the registration instructions. Note: On the Access Information screen, select “Yes” under “Do you have a Pearson Education account?” and type in your existing MathXL login name and password. This will connect all the work you’ve done already to your extended subscription. What happens if I don’t upgrade before the end of the 21-day grace period? If you do not upgrade your subscription within the 21-day grace period, your subscription will expire and you will not have access to your MathXL work. If you upgrade after the grace period expires, your work will be restored....
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