3e-spring2011-exam_2_review - Math 3E — Exam#2 Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 3E — Exam #2 Study Guide Laney College, Spring 2011 Fred Bourgoin Exam #2 will cover chapters 3 and 4. If there is a question from section 4.3, it will be for extra credit. The following is a list of topics you need to be familiar with for the exam. Chapters 1 and 2 What?! You think you can forget the material from these chapters? No way! You need to remember it in order to do well with the stuff from chapters 3 and 4. You should of course concentrate on reviewing the latter chapters, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend a few minutes flipping through your notes from the earlier chapters, slackers. Chapter 3: Subspaces of R n and Their Dimensions • Know what the image and the kernel of a linear transformation are. Given a linear transformation T from R n to R 2 or 3 , describe im( T ) and ker( T ) geometrically. • Understand what the span of a set of vectors is. (It’s the set of all linear combi- nations of the vectors in the set.) • Don’t forget that im( T ) = CS( A ) = {...
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3e-spring2011-exam_2_review - Math 3E — Exam#2 Study...

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