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En Vacances Un Projet Your assignment is to create a 3-day travelogue about a recent vacation (real or imaginary) to either a seaside or ski resort in France or another francophone country. You may do a photo album/scrapbook with descriptions or a travel journal with illustrations. Your product may be a booklet or a Power Point slide show. You will present one “day” of your trip to me for the oral portion of the project grade. Criteria for travelogue : use of passé composé , sequencing of past events ( d’abord, puis, ensuite, enfin ), use of negatives expressions, spelling and grammar, creativity in writing. You must also demonstrate knowledge of francophone cultures (any French-speaking country mentioned in our textbook or the C’est à toi book). You certainly may include points of interest not previously mentioned in the text. You must also be sure to show evidence of travel knowledge from Chapters 8 and 9. Illustrations may include drawings, photos, cut-outs, post cards, official
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