Chapter1 Project rubric

Chapter1 Project rubric - Two people represented visually...

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Un Ami et Une Amie Objective: In order to show mastery of the vocabulary and grammar from Chapter 1, you will create two paper doll characters and write complete descriptions of them in French. Assignment: 1- Make the dolls – a boy and a girl - from poster board and decorate them. One will an American middle-school student and the other will be from France or French-speaking Canada. 2- Write paragraphs in French describing each person represented. Must include all of the following: name, nationality, city that they come from, type of school they attend, hair color, relative height (petit/grand), at least three positive character traits each that the characters are and two traits that they are not (using ne…pas ). 3- Present your “people” to the class in French. Evaluation rubric: 20 points possible 0-1 point 2-3 points 4-5 points Completeness Most information missing. Most, but not all of the desired information is included. Fewer than 20 sentences.
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Unformatted text preview: Two people represented visually. Complete descriptions (see # 2 above). Minimum of ten sentences for each character. Correctness Very flawed use of vocabulary & grammar structures. Much grammar & vocabulary used incorrectly. Project shows mastery of the verb être , subject pronouns, negation, nouns /articles and adjective agreement. Creativity and Neatness Messy, in pencil, on lined paper, taped or glued haphazardly. In ink, but not typed. Looks fairly neat with few cross-outs or white-outs. Imperfectly put together. Lacks creativity, but merely gets the job done. Very neatly typed, clearly creative, eye-catching and appealing. Oral presentation Terrible pronunciation. Monotone reading. Choppy delivery, with pronunciation errors, but understandable. Poor stage presence &/or volume level. Very good pronunciation, memorization, confident delivery and stage presence. Points earned ______ + bonus ______- late ______ TOTAL ______...
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Chapter1 Project rubric - Two people represented visually...

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