Chapter8 Passenger Doll Project

Chapter8 Passenger Doll Project - somewhere in the trip...

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Un Voyage en Avion Objective: Students will create a paper doll passenger who is traveling to France. You must plan the entire airport experience and in-flight experience for your traveler. Assignment: 1- Create the doll itself and outfit him/her for travel. 2- Write a detailed description of your doll’s experience starting from packing it’s suitcase, checking in at the airport, going through security, and boarding the plane. Continue with in-flight details. Your description should cover the trip up to the moment the plane lands in France. Criteria for evaluation: 20 points possible 0-1 point 2-3 points 4-5 points Writing Elements Many required elements are missing. Some of the required elements are missing. Fewer than 20 sentences. Minimum of 20 sentences describing your passenger’s trip. Make sure you use at least 5 of the -ir verbs from Chapter 8 (regular and irregular.) Must also use a form of quel and tout
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Unformatted text preview: somewhere in the trip description. Correctness Many errors. Little evidence of editing. Incorrect spelling/ articles/ accents/ verb forms, but understandable. Vocabulary used correctly. Near-perfect spelling, accents, articles and use of ir verbs, quel and tout . Creativity /Neatness Not creative at all. Looks like a draft rather than a final product. Not very creative. A few neatness flaws, such as hand-written instead of typed. Doll shows flair, style and imagination. Creative sentences. Neatly typed. Accoutrement Nothing extra whatsoever besides a dressed paper doll. One or two additional travel-related items Besides the doll dressed for travel, you should make at least 5 items that your passenger would need for the trip such as passport, boarding pass, suitcase, carry-on bag/s, landing card, in-flight meal., etc.) Points earned ______ + bonus ______- late ______ TOTAL ______ Due:...
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