Clocking for Chapter 8 project

Clocking for Chapter 8 project - yes no All other verbs...

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Clocking for Un Voyage en Avion Paper written by: __________________________________________ First look below to see what you will be looking for. Next, read the paper with pencil in hand. Finally, write comments on this sheet. #1 Reading by: __________________________ Completeness 20 sentences (at least)? yes no 5 – ir verbs? yes no Quel yes no Tout yes no #2 Reading by: ___________________________ Correctness Vocabulary used correctly? yes no - ir vebs conjugated correctly?
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Unformatted text preview: yes no All other verbs used correctly? yes no Accent marks? yes no Other grammar, spelling concerns? yes no #3 Reading by: __________________________ Doll & Accoutrement Doll is finished? yes no Needs improvement? yes no At least 5 additional articles? yes no #4 Reading by:____________________________ Have one more person in the class check editor # 2’s work & make comments below....
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