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Chapter 12 Project Objective: Students will create a simple French storybook about a family’s (their own or a fictional one’s) morning and evening routines. Please make it in booklet format. If you do this on Power Point you MUST print a hard copy to read to the class. Assignment: 1- Give your family members French names (must have a minimum of 3 people: mom, dad, child) in a francophone habitat. 2- Begin telling what they do from the time they awaken until they leave for work/school. The story resumes when they return home in the afternoon/evening and ends when the last one goes to bed. 3- Illustrate your story with drawings, photos, graphics or cutouts. Criteria for evaluation: 20 points possible 0-1 point 2-3 points 4-5 points Completeness Many required elements are missing. Some of the required elements are missing. . At least 15 examples of reflexive verbs as well as other details including rooms of the house, chore-related
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Unformatted text preview: vocabulary and toilette related vocabulary, sequencing of events. A minimum of 10 illustrations. At least 3 family members with French names living in a francophone town. Correctness Many errors. Little evidence of editing. Some incorrect.spelling/ articles/ accents. Inappropriate menu items. Address, phone number , times written incorrectly. Near-perfect spelling, accents, articles and use of reflexive verbs . Creativity /Neatness Not creative at all. In pencil or messy. Somewhat creative and/or interesting. A few neatness flaws such as hand-written instead of typed. Shows flair, style & imagination. Make me want to read it again! Oral No flow. Terrible pronunciation. Some pronunciation problems. Lack-luster presentation, but acceptable. Excellent pronunciation and inflection. . Sounds like youre really reading a book for French children. Points earned ______ + bonus ______- late ______ TOTAL ______ Due:...
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