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Rubric for Cafe Menu - vocabulary and toilette –related...

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Chapter 12 Project Objective: Students will create a simple French storybook about a family’s (their own or a fictional one’s) morning and evening routines. Please make it in booklet format. If you do this on Power Point you MUST print a hard copy to read to the class. Assignment: 1- Give your family members French names (must have a minimum of 3 people: mom, dad, child) in a francophone habitat. 2- Begin telling what they do from the time they awaken until they leave for work/school. The story resumes when they return home in the afternoon/evening and ends when the last one goes to bed. 3- Illustrate your story with drawings, photos, graphics or cutouts. Criteria for evaluation: 20 points possible 0-1 point 2-3 points 4-5 points Completeness Many required elements are missing. Some of the required elements are missing.. At least 15 examples of reflexive verbs as well as other details including rooms of the house, chore-related vocabulary and
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Unformatted text preview: vocabulary and toilette –related vocabulary, sequencing of events. A minimum of 10 illustrations. At least 3 family members with French names living in a francophone town. Correctness Many errors. Little evidence of editing. Some incorrect.spelling/ articles/ accents. Inappropriate menu items. Address, phone number , times written incorrectly. Near-perfect spelling, accents, articles and use of reflexive verbs . Creativity /Neatness Not creative at all. In pencil or messy. Somewhat creative and/or interesting. A few neatness flaws such as hand-written instead of typed. Shows flair, style & imagination. Make me want to read it again! Oral No flow. Terrible pronunciation. Some pronunciation problems. Lack-luster presentation, but acceptable. Excellent pronunciation and inflection. . Sounds like you’re really reading a book for French children. Points earned ______ + bonus ______- late ______ TOTAL ______ Due:...
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