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Semester ReviewFRENCH 1A

Semester ReviewFRENCH 1A - Greetings Good-byes...

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Semester Review FRENCH 1A PRONOUNS Write the English translations of the following pronouns: je nous tu vous il ils elle elles on Would you use tu or vous with the following people: your teacher your pet your cousin your friend’s mom a sales clerk a police officer 2 of your cousins an older neighbor your grandmother your uncle’s new wife your baby sister VERBS Congugate the following verbs : être parler regarder je nous tu vous il elle > ils on elles nager étudier écouter
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Greetings, Good-byes, Introductions, Asking how it’s going, Saying how it’s going: Put the following expressions in the proper category: Au revoir Salut Ça va? Ça va bien. Très bien, merci. Ciao Je m’appelle Pas mal Bonjour À demain Tu t’appelles comment? À bientôt Comme ci, comme ça À toute à l’heure Ça va, et toi?
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Unformatted text preview: Greetings Good-byes Introductions Asking how it’s going Saying how it’s going Give the French for the following titles: Mr. – Miss – Mrs. – Days of the week: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Months: January May September February June October March July November April August December How do you ask what day it is? How do you ask what the date is? Write the following dates in French: It’s January 3 rd. It’s February 1 st . How do you ask the time? Write the following times in French: It’s one o’clock. It’s two o’clock It’s noon. It’s midnight. It’s three in the afternoon. It’s five in the morning. It’s eight in the evening....
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