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Name: E PORTFOLIO R ESUME U PLOAD I NSTRUCTIONS Technical Communications 2010 2011 F OLLOW THESE I NSTRUCTIONS TO U PLOAD YOUR R ESUME 1. Open your resume in MS Word. 2. Delete your address and phone number 3. Save the file with a different file name (resume_web_version.docx) 4. Save the file in .pdf format by clicking MS icon Save As PDF or XPS. Use the same file name. 5. Open your eportfolio. 6. Navigate to the resume page. 7. Click Edit Page. 8. Click on the Attachments section at the bottom of the page. 9. Click Choose File and navigate to the .pdf version of your web resume (w/o contact info) 10. Click Open. The file will upload to your eportfolio. 11. Right click on the View text under the uploaded file listing. 12. Select Copy Link Address. 13. Then on the left hand section of your screen select the text that reads
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Unformatted text preview: Edit sidebar ” 14. Click the “ Edit ” button under the text box. (See image at right.) 15. You will be taken to the “ Configure Text Box ” . High “ here ” in the text that reads “ Click here to view a pdf version of my resume. ” And click the “ link ” command. 16. Select Web Address. 17. Right click in the “ Link to this URL field. ” And select “ Paste ” . 18. Select the toggle box at the bottom of the window to “ Open this link in a new window. ” 19. Click OK. You have now added a link to the pdf version of your resume. 20. When you return to the Configure Text Box screen, click OK. 21. Select the Save Changes button at the top of the screen. Then click “ Return to Sites ” under the Google Sites logo in the upper left hand section of your screen....
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