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Midterm portfolio checklist_Fall_2010

Midterm portfolio checklist_Fall_2010 - Resume...

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Name: M IDTERM P ORTFOLIO C HECKLIST Technical Communications 2010 2011 R EQUIRED P IECES The following pieces are required for your midterm portfolio review. This will serve as your midterm exam. Each missing piece will result in a 5 pt overall score deduction and will also impact the rest of your portfolio evaluation. Consequently it is very important that each piece is included in your portfolio. At a later date I will review the rubric that will be used to evaluate your portfolio, but keep in mind that professionalism (appearance and content) is of utmost concern. Cover (fair use guidelines are adhered to) Table of Contents (with tab dividers)
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Unformatted text preview: Resume References (December/January) Career Plan (January) Occupational Outlook Handbook Printout for your chosen career W4 (typed) I9 (typed) Job application (typed) Story Cover Letter Technical Writing Piece (Dendrology Project/Science Lab Write up) At least two pictures with detailed captions **Bonus** Adding additional items that display your abilities and skills will further improve your overall grade. E XPECTATIONS Due date: To be announced (January) Format: All items typed and placed in plastic sheets in your portfolio binder...
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